Puppy Training in Templeton

Puppies are adorable, there is no doubt about it. However, without the correct training, these adorable traits could soon be replaced with behavior that is slightly more challenging to deal with. If you are a first-time dog owner or someone who simply doesn’t have the time or ability to properly train your dog, then you need to bring it to the professional pet care team you can rely on.

Having trained hundreds of puppies in Templeton, Loving Care Pet Sitting Service’s skilled team of puppy training specialists possess all the skill and knowhow to ensure that your furry friend transitions from being an adorable puppy into a mature and responsible dog. We take immense pride in what we do and that is why we will go to every length possible to ensure that this training is as thorough and detailed as possible. So, if you think that your pup could do with some basic training or just needs assistance perfecting the final steps on the ladder, we can help.

What We Teach Our Puppies

At Loving Care Pet Sitting Service, we are acutely aware that every puppy is different, that is why we tailor and customize all our puppy training services to best meet the needs of your puppy. However, after completing our training, we guarantee that your dog will:

  • Obey calls and come the first time they are called.
  • Walk on a leash without pulling or pushing.
  • Sit and stay even when distracted.

Puppy Specific

While some pet care companies in Templeton are content to mix puppy, obedience and dog training in together, we at Loving Care Pet Sitting Service believe that this is not a wise option. Puppies, adolescent dogs and fully grown canines have very different needs and, as such, need to be trained accordingly. That is why in our puppy specific training course you can rest assured knowing that your session will be clearly explained and easy to follow. In this class, your puppy will learn to:

  • Stop nipping or biting family and friends.
  • Sit, lie and come using positive training methods.
  • Make the appropriate gesture when he or she needs to go outside to relieve him or herself.
  • Play games and learn lots of fun and impressive tricks.
  • Stop chewing on your shoes!

Call Us Today

Achieving the best training for your puppy takes time. That is why it is important to be patient. If your work-life balance doesn’t afford you this time, then you really need to call the professionals you can trust. Our service is envied by many of our competitors but rivalled by none. So, if you want the best for your puppy, you need to call us today. With affordable prices and convenient opening hours, there really isn’t any challenge too big for us. So, what are you waiting for? Call today and let us take care of everything.