My partner, Ken Miller and I have used Connie’s services for a long time. She’d come by twice a day to look after, feed and water our two parrots, Paco and Taylor.

Most of the time, we’d be away for a week at a time.

But sometimes, we’d have a last-minute weekend trip, and Connie would always accommodate us, even on such short notice. She was always dependable, and if your pets are as important to you as our birds, then you’d never want to worry about them.

We recommend her services to anyone needing a good, reliable pet sitter.

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Connie has been such a great sitter for us. When Winston needed medicine she gave it to him. She is extremely reliable. She also fed our two cats. She gave everybody so much love. Except for the one cat she never saw all the years she pet sat for us. I trust her implicitly!

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Connie Peterson has been a wonderful caregiver for my two Shetland Shepdogs, Tony and Jeffery. I highly recommend Connie’s sevices. She is responsible, honest and very loving to our cats and dogs. For ten years she has consistently given excellent care to our precious animals. In turn they love to have “Aunt Connie” come to visit.

Laura Hundertmark

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